Need a breath of fresh air?

For nature lovers and fans of the great outdoors, France is a playground without equal. 


Whatever your means of travel – on a bike, hiking or navigating the waterways; whether in the countryside, up in the mountains or on the coast, the landscapes will delight you with amazing sights full of surprises. 


The sporty amongst you can indulge in your favourite activity or enjoy new thrills:

Going down rapids in a canoe, kayaking down France’s most beautiful rivers, adrenalin seekers and those who like a calmer time of it will enjoy torrents of different intensities.

Discover magnificent sites by surprising means; a hot air balloon perhaps or, for the more energetic, on mountain bikes. You can vary strenuous physical effort with gentle strolls in numerous regional parks and forests.


Enjoy skiing in all its forms - from downhill to cross country - in breath-taking settings.


For experienced adventurers, there is a multitude of ways to discover unique sites along the path or canal ways of France. 


In France, all is possible. In just a few clicks, choose your region and stimulate all your senses.