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Let's travel with Bontourism, a real digital guide "All-in-One" that will make you live unforgettable travel experiences.
visit the most beautiful heritage sites: museums, monuments, castles.. to spend your free time, discover natural sites, ski stations, golf clubs, river cruises...
Enjoy cultural events, exhibitions, festivals..
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«  The enchantment of great journeys starts even before departure. We open atlases, we dream looking at maps... » said Joseph Kessel. In the era of digital technology and multicultural sharing, the Map cannot just give information about the terrain.


Bontourism® has understood this well in advance: the atlas is no longer a book opened onto an unknown world, where the reader points his or her finger at a random name because it is just more attractive than another. The atlas is now a vast interactive page of life and freedom. It is an invitation to be yourself and to be an actor of a world where your chosen destination will be a culture in itself.  Indeed, culture will be synonymous with the journey you choose.

This is why Bontourism®'s  network brings together hotels, which, through with passion and expertise, embody the French savoir-vivre. Through Bontourism®, you can discover a unique cultural heritage : the savoir-être à la française. 
With Bontourism®, it is now as easy as it is enjoyable to enter in a renewed dimension, where travelling is a creative art of which you are the main actor.  An art where culture, history, knowledge and nature are as one.
As Lao-Tseu would have said: « a journey of a thousand leagues starts with a single step ».  Therefore, take a step forward and enjoy the Bontourism® experience. 




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Christmas 2016 in Stra...

24/11/2017 - 30/12/2017

Strasbourg Capital of Christmas
Try it, you'll be surprised by what you find !

From 24th of November to  30st of December 2017

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Festival of Lights 201...

07/12/2017 - 10/12/2017

Festival of Lights in Lyon: between tradition and modernity

History tells us that in 1643, Lyon  made a vow to build a statue of the Virgin Mary if she spared the city from the scourge of the plague.  A vow was made... and the promise kept. 

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